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In this current era where nations have collectively put tourism at the forefront of their efforts for economic stability. Kezel is gearing up to take viewers on a fantastic voyage throughout the world with its latest travel series entitled ‘Mira’.

The premise of Mira follows host Kezel Jackson Cruickshank as she arrives in a new country each week with only 3-4 days to show viewers the very best of that country in terms of resorts, accommodation options, cultural landmarks, natural wonders and nightlife.

Kezel and her M3 Limited team endeavour to use this show as a medium for positive social change as it pertains to regional expression and appreciation for its cultural heritage.

She shared, “This show is a celebration of culture, diversity and geography. Every country has a tale to tell, a story that makes it authentic. This is no ordinary travel show; we aspire to bring the Caribbean’s distinct melting pot experience to viewers locally, regionally as well as in international markets beyond the borders of the Caribbean Diaspora.”

Most notably, Mira’s producers have guaranteed excitement in each episode, as unlike the typical Caribbean travel magazine show, viewers will get to see the host and crew actually getting hands on, fully engaged and often down and dirty in several fun activities and wild adventures offered in each location.

More than just a creative catalyst for the improvement of domestic, regional and international tourism, Mira will also serve as a platform for strategic promotional and branding efforts for various destinations, tourism authorities and hospitality stakeholders.

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